I will try not to cry while I write this, but I think it’s fairly inevitable.

The feeling of loss can be overwhelming. It has only been two weeks  since we lost Bella and it’s still raw when I think about it. It’s weird, I knew I would miss her when she was gone, but I didn’t understand in what capacity. The day to day things I took for granted, like her laying in my office and  dropping a toy on my lap, or her opening the door to lay on the bathmat when I was in the shower is what I miss most. I miss her companionship.

But this post isn’t about me being sad, it’s about all the amazing things she taught me while she was here.

  1. Love with all your heart

  2. Never be afraid to show affection

  3. Trust your instincts, they are always right

  4. Practice what you love, and eventually, it will pay off

  5. Don’t sweat the small stuff, no matter what it is

  6. Slow down and savor the moment

  7. A dog is more than a dog, they are a companion and a confidant

  8. Black tights are like a dog hair magnets

  9. Dog nose prints are impossible to remove from windows

  10. A walk in nature will always make you feel better

  11. If you get a bad vibe from someone, there is usually a good reason

  12. Always be happy to see the ones you love, even if you just saw them

  13. There is no such thing as ‘too many cookies’

  14. Forgive easily & often, and if you can’t forgive then it’s time to move on

  15. Napping is good for the soul

  16. Rescuing a dog will change your life

  17. Dog farts are possibly the worst smell in the entire world

  18. Life moves so fast, cherish your time here

  19. Live each day like it’s your last because it might just be

  20. You never fully own a dog, but a dog will always fully own your heart. Sleep well my girl.

We love them while they are here, and miss them when they aren’t. If you have a 4-legged baby at home, give them a squeeze for me. Your time with them is precious, make the most of it!


Australian Kelpie Dog walking beside a girl down the center of a road with mountains in the background